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Cameroon Protestant College, (C.P.C.) Bali is a trail blazer and a cradle for solid general Education since A.D. 1949. Cameroon Protestant College, (C.P.C.) Bali is a jealously guarded boarding nursery and mould for the cream of modern Cameroon’s Who is Who. This citadel of learning is situated in the outskirts of Bamenda town, the capital of the North West Region of Cameroon. With her Motto: “God, Knowledge, Service”, the school, ran by the Presbyterian church in Cameroon, the (P.C.C.) and functioning in the Department of the Presbyterian Education Authority the (P.E.A) offers holistic general Education at the First and Second cycles of the Anglo-Saxon system of education.

Cameroon Protestant College, 9C.P.C.) Bali the formidable path-finder in education was planted in Bali by the Germans and the Swiss in 1949, making her the oldest Protestant and Presbyterian college in the North West Region. Since then, the school has consciously followed the Protestant flare for precision, fanaticism for details and strengths and prowess in Christian education and moral rectitude. A blend of these attributes give a lasting solution to knowledge seekers.

When curtains of Cameroon Protestant college (C.P.C.) Bali, were raised, admission was reserved for boys only, but as time evolved, the school dynamically embraced girls in 1972, giving her a gender balanced status.

Although Cameroon Protestant college (C.P.C.) Bali follows the English speaking systems of education, she opens her doors to learners from all the regions of Cameroon and even beyond, who can adequately fit in and cope with the culture of the institution.

The medium of instructions in Cameroon Protestant college, (C.P.C.) Bali is English Language, while French and English Languages are the authorized languages spoken in the school community.

Cameroon Protestant college, (C.P.C.) Bali fondly called “Bali College”, or “CAMPROCOL”, dedicates herself to the continuous quest for academic excellence and moral values necessary in child upbringing. She seeks to prepare progressive young boys and girls to confidently and vibrantly embrace the future with fortitude, intelligence and Godliness.

Multitudes of students come to Cameroon Protestant college (C.P.C.) Bali with their empty vessels ready to fetch and they happily make their exit with their vessels full to the brim with morality, knowledge and discipline. Overwhelmed with their harvest under the foot of the accommodating “Matterhorn”, they hurry out there to take their places in the Prestigious Second to none alumni “BOBA”.

The school for over decades has experienced a steady rise in enrolment and staff strength. In the 2014/2015 academic year, it hit the bar with 1016 students.

Infrastructurally, the Bali College of recent years has a new look with newly constructed lanes with refurbished structures and with the beautifully pruned lawns and flowers exhibiting an environmental touch, the view is more than attractive.

Personnel and students take their turns in the Cameroon Protestant college, (C.P.C.) Bali, but the college keeps growing by leaps and bounds, earning the pride of place both nationally and internationally and forever remains an icon of the Presbyterian Education Authority (P.E.A.).