Roles and Responsibilities:

•To study and approve all expenditures by a simple majority of members present and voting. A quorum shall be formed when three fifths of the members are present.
•To study the general financial situation at the National and Chapter Levels as the case may be and make appropriate recommendations.
•To prepare and submit budgets to the General Assembly for approval.
•To work in conjunction with the fund-raising committee to organize and direct fund-raising activities.
•To be the trustee of all the Organization’s movable and immovable properties.
•The Finance Committee shall approve all expenditures.
•All expenditures shall be incurred in accordance with the objectives of BOBA-USA as outlined in Article 3 of our constitution.


1. Dr. Freddy Tita-Nwa: Chair of the Committee.

2. Dr. Nelson Makia: Co-Chair of the Committee.

3. Mr. Jonathan Tse Awah: Vice Co-chair of the Committee.
4. Ms Rachael Asombang.

5. Mr. Mundi Mbangwana.

4. Mr. Gilbert Doh.

6. Ms Florence Njilin Fosam.

7. Mr. Larry Abange.

8. Mr. Amadeus Dzekedze.

9. Mr. Vincent Gwanyama.

10. Dr. Hans Mbangowah.