Roles and Responsibilities and Span of Control:

•The Executive Committee shall have general control of the affairs and program of the association in accordance with the provisions of the association.
•The Executive Committee shall render a report containing the reports of all standing and special committees at the regular meetings of the chapter at least every three months and whenever otherwise required upon reasonable request by chapters.
•The Executive Committee shall prepare a mid -year and end of year State of the BOBA-USA report. This notwithstanding, the NEC shall provide electronic quarterly updates to the General Assembly.

MEMBERSHIP: The Executive Committee shall be headed by the President and shall be consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Chairpersons of Standing Committees of the Association and all Chapter Presidents or Chief Executive Officers.


•All chairpersons of committees(elected or appointed shall be members of the National Executive Committee)
•They shall participate in all businesses of the National Executive Committee and may be co-opted by the president to discharge the function of any Officer of the National Committee either generally or specifically. Any other Executive member may be directed by the National Executive Committee to undertake a particular mission with a view to having it properly informed on a particular subject or matter.