Roles and Responsibilities:

•It shall seek to promote the media content consistent with fundamental BOBA-USA goals.
•It shall coordinate and direct website maintenance.
•It shall coordinate moderation and provide guidance on BOBA-USA’s electronic discussion forums.
•It shall monitor technology(hardware and software) to identify affordable electronic conferencing and other telecommunication needs of BOBA USA.
• In addition, the Committee on Communications shall be in charge of creating, maintaining a BOBA USA Face book page as well as coordinating communication with the press, publicity and outreach.


1. Mr. Christian Nketi: Chair of the Committee

2. Dr. Victor Jomia: Co-chair of the Committee

3. Dr. Elvis Lopez Gwanyalla: Vice Co -Chair

4. Mr. Peter Amah Mancho

5. Mr. Nyonu Ndikintum

6. Mr. Eugene Sama

7. Ms Belinda Ashu

8 Mr. Edwin Achimbi

9. Mr. Leo Fodje

10. Mr. Franklin Gang