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The leadership and organizing committee will be more than honored to receive all Previous Presidents and members of their executives and chairs of their committees to the Silver Jubilee Convention. We are also looking at receiving the most senior class of Bobans to grace the Silver Jubilee Celebration. It will also be thrillingly exciting to […]

My Story

20 YEARS HISTORY OF BOBA-USA (1993-2012) During the winter months of 1989, a group of CPC Bali ex-students who gathered to play table tennis at the home of Mr. Victor Ndonyi in Wheaton, MD discussed the need to form a Bali Old Boys Association in the US. As a result of this discussion, a follow […]

24th Annual BOBA-USA Convention

The 24th Annual BOBA-USA Convention  is scheduled  to take during the 4th of July weekend this year 2016.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for us Bobans to connect together and absorb historical reflections of our school days in Cam Pro Call and our Alma Mata.  The leadership of BOBA USA is inviting every Boban to this […]